I try to spend my summers looking at some body of sparkling blue water and being submerged in it. I like the music I want to listen to feels the same, dreamy intangible and floaty, like you are lost between mind and body. Best way for me personally to get lost in music is to listen to an entire album, that way you never leave that voice or vision, and the edges of songs start to blur together. For this playlist, I put together a few of my favorite songs off of a few of a few favorite albums, all in a row. This summer we are already BLESSED with a lot of amazing new music, I pulled my favorite tracks from Rocky's new album, Kanye's new album,&  Playboi Carti's new album, intermixed with Lauren Hill originals which have been sampled recently and resurfaced by Drake & A$AP. 

Moving through the playlist: started off with some songs from TOPS, a band from Canada producing some seriouslllyyyy dreamy and enchanting ballads with the reverb all the way up that feels like its filling a room with layers of purples and blues. To finish off cleansing your soul for summer, I stuck in 20 feet tall by Erykah Badu, the ultimate revitalizing song. Then moving into A$AP, who is playing with a much more chill repertoire on his new album, I actually kind of feel like the beats on Changes reminds me of waves washing over, Purity is more like raindrops. A song ft. Frank Ocean has got to throwback to his ultimate summer masterpiece, Channel Orange. Picked a few songs off of there.. (although I recommend just going for a long drive listening to the entire album with the windows down). A taste of the Ye album, Die Lit, Freetown Sound, Rastaman Vibration, 1992  Deluxe, and the psychedelic end of Bitches Brew. Just what I want this summer to feel like...