Time moves so strangely, that's how it seems to move in the month of May at least. Ending school for some, graduating and switching lives, waiting for summer, in the limbo of it all. If Lana Del Rey brought us summertime sadness, Angel Olsen is giving us springtime melancholy. It's a reflection time, her whole album is really quite stunning, but you will be halfway through it wondering why you miss your small town lifestyle and husband you never had. ALWAYS balance out sad-gurl-tunes with either Isaiah Rashad or Goldlink, and this Goldlink one automatically gets me bopping and back in my body, finding myself smiling walking down the street. The best blend is one that goes from current that references retro to retro that was trying to think of the future, they seem to meet somewhere magically in the middle and make you feel somewhere in the middle, disconnected from eras or places, but in feelings and spaces. My favorite transition in this is from Kendrick to the Frownies, he sampled this song in another one of his tracks, "The Recipe" so it catches you for a second, expecting to continue feeling his voice + artistry but now tied back again to the source. May is the weaving back of reflecting and forward to better times, hope this playlist helps you ride it out.