Emma & Cybelle realized they had been on a 500 consecutive day long sleepover. With no plan on stopping the streak, the term “Eternal Sleepover” was jokingly coined. Meanwhile, at their 400 square foot apartment In New York, they started throwing art nights bringing together artists to stay up making collaborative projects, videos, photos, large scale drawings. Most of the work created from art nights are archived, but the connections & feeling in the community propelled the creation of Eternal Sleepover. Anything goes, the only rule was that everything included in the project was made between the hours of 10 pm and 10 am.

After ending their lease in New York, Emma & Cybelle went sleeping over at friends’ places in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, & Atlanta, creating content & collaborating for an Eternal Sleepover summer. During the process, Cybelle shot over 2000 photos on film, narrowed down to fill 80 pages of Eternal Sleepover. Emma wrote over 40,000 words on the summer, which are currently archived.

In August, Emma & Cybelle went to Atlanta, to work with Shamshawan Scott who was signed on as assistant producer for this project after being a standout photographer in Jawbreaker. With his artistic direction and dynamic approach, Sham produced a 20-track mixtape (in collaboration with Jacob Theriot) featuring unreleased music from 15 artists. Sham also shot a 4-part, 40-page dream series on medium format.

In addition, Eternal Sleepover also includes work from Paige MacCready, Jheyda McGarrell, Jess Farran, Henrik Purienne, Izzy Commers, Brandon McClain, Samuel D’Saboia, Clairo, Erika Bowes, Shelby Hamilton, Kimari Hazward, Julissa Ramirez, Leo Horton, Landon Yost, Eugene Walela, Zoe Gilligan, Michael Thorpe, Carlos Semedo, Jazz Ingram, Lone The Ghost, Aquadolls, Nouria Bah, Zy Henny, Bluemarze, & more.