Eternal Sleepover

The Eternal Sleepover has been going on for a few months now, actually about two years. Ever since Cybelle came to visit me in New York in winter of 2016, is it really that long ago? I was living in a technicolor cavern, a first floor apartment that the light never reached beside the LEDs taped into the ceiling. It felt like time ceased to exist in there, I felt myself deteriorate between the midday darkness and constant rattling of construction. I left my lease and our sleepover began.

She was there and she let me have my nights bleed into days and said nothing of it. We had our space and our rules and lived in and out of reality. When two people come together they can create their own world, with their own rules. It felt like we had flashlights under the bedsheets telling stories and secrets like when we were little, untouchable by the outside.

Not sure where to go, we went everywhere. I remember the first street really clearly, the pink fence where blind kittens mewed for milk, the boy with a whistle who beckoned ladies out onto the balconies to lower their baskets for him to put bread in. Our room was bright green bright orange bright blue. I played guitar with two strings missing and talked taxi drivers from $30 rides to $4 ones. Concrete walls and flat beds and a fan humming through the whole night, a tv that wasn’t black and white, it was blue. There were two beds but we slept in the same one. We kept this going, sleeping over endlessly the whole year, going from city to city, it just never ended. We crashed on other people’s couches, during the time I would post on my instagram saying HEY who wants to house us for the night? We found places and met people and then came back to New York and got a place of our own. The sleepover never stopped, and a year went by of us sleeping in the same bed.

On snowy days last December we watched movies with friends on box TVS, pushing two mattresses up next to each other. We didn’t move them the next day, and the next. Each morning I would pretend we hadn’t kissed last night, giving back personal space I had lended out in the dark. It was as if I could pretend it was a dream, and I could wake up and go back to a life of us being just friends. Slowly the dream bled into the reality. The wake up world ceased to exist and the world we talked about at night, our ideas, our secrets, happened for real.

Eternal Sleepover to me is that feeling when you are up really late with just you and your laptop, finding new music and movies and ideas and artists, a feeling of secrecy and discovery. It’s a summer night when the sun goes down at 10pm and the air is hot and you drive anywhere and watch night crumble into daytime. Or when you are a little kid, sleeping over at someone’s house and the lights go out and you are staring at the ceiling, voices in the dark, able to say what you can’t during the day. Able to share secrets and tell stories, feeling detached and brave enough to be vulnerable. It’s the intimacy paired with the urgency, knowing your true desires and heart’s purpose and trying to pull that thread that feels so tangible at night into your day. Letting the dream live in reality. It’s who you are in the darkness, and letting that come to light.

We started this project at the beginning of Summer, and traveled from NYC to Las Vegas to LA to Atlanta, working with artists in every city, sometimes all night, (a lot of all nighters) to try to capture that feeling. We took photos, made music, created video, and are presenting you with a full dream experience.

Eternal Sleepover magazine will include a mixtape with unreleased songs from various artists, and a DVD filled with interviews, music, and dreamy compiled visuals. At this time, we are in the final phases of editing the magazine and can’t wait to share it with you. We were hoping to have it done by today, but signed on some amazing artists who need more time to complete their portion fo the project. Promise the wait will be worth it!! We are expected to send to print on September 24, and will let you know from there. Check back here for updates & info, sign up for emails to know right when we drop the magazine and to get updates we don’t post publicly.

Big thank you to Sham, this project would not have been possible without him. (also Fii, Jojo, Sloth, Dom, Parisa, Sawyer, Sathark, Motel 6, Tanner for housing us… and too many friends to name for your love and support)