At time of writing this... we are getting ready to launch VOL 2 of messy magazine. It goes live tomorrow (May 13th) at 4 pm! Last drop was small and went fast, it was a test to see if you would like this project. If asked what the last issue was about: it was roughly about music, social media, body image, just what was on our mind and evidently— yours. Half of the magazine is anonymous submissions from you all (poke around the site to find the secret place to submit).

Summarizing other people's words: it made sense, stupid sense.

We are trying to say the things no one wants to say out loud, but everyone is thinking.

If you want to share a bit of your thoughts on this digital platform, please send in submissions! We go through emails regularly and will contact you if we are interested in publishing a piece. We aren't looking for what your english teacher told you was good writing— scrap the intro paragraph, closing remarks, and semicolons and just write honestly. On any topic. If you don't want your name attached to it, you can use an alias or go anonymous.

If you are a visual person, send us your work. Don't worry about editing it down, that's our job! Drop a bunch of your work in a google drive folder and share the link with us.

Head to our submit page to read over everything, all the info is there! 

AND if you wanna find a friend in your hometown, we just posted on our IG, scroll through the comments and connect with someone.. make art with them.. if u want... send it to us. <3

Also, we got a tumblr, anonymous asks and all. 

To get live updates, text "@messies" to 81010

We talked mainly mag + messy, because personally we are kind of in-between places... and feelings.. keep you posted. 


Emma + Cybelle