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jazz ingram / all photos shot by cybelle corwin

u asked, jazz answered! (jazz ingram is an artist and musician we met in Atlanta, he has two unreleased songs on the eternal sleepover mixtape)

before you start, listen to some of his music that’s already out!

what gives you butterflies in a world that doesn't stop /??? how do you pause? <3

human connection, when i feel like someone actually sees me. everything else doesn’t shake my core enough to give me butterflies. i also think of butterflies as a positive feeling, when i used to act. seconds before i took the stage i’d have this tingling feeling takeover my entire body, although nerve racking i always viewed it as positive because i guess it showed i cared. 

there is no way to pause. i try to exist like a buoy constantly in motion but seemingly in the same place. traveling is the closest thing we can do similar to “pausing”.

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who do you look up to for inspiration or in general as of late?

i try to surround myself solely with people who inspire me, so my peers. youthful energy, I’m obsessed with people who appear to not care, maybe because i care too much at times. people who seem free from the things that cause friction in my life. 

i watched that jimi hendrix movie last night, “all is by my side” where andre 3000 portrays hendrix. andre 3000 is cool man. i love to listen to gil scott heron in the morning, his transparency is inspiring. yesterday ****** showed me some photos taken by ryosuke yuasa! 

prince is always a constant inspiration. i like to look at pictures of him when he was like 17 and had a huge afro. i see myself in those pictures. 

what made you want to work with messy on this project?

the world made this happen. like i thank the cosmos, for aligning me with such beautiful humans. sometimes i ask the question what made them want to work with me? [i’d love to hear their answer to that question teehee.]


em & cyb say: we see how much he cares, about people, about music, about everything. he is a person full of love, he has a way of making people around him feel happy just by him being, he’s beautiful, he is just a beautiful person.


how did you get into music?

lol i’ll tell u how i started recording, my parents bought me a black macbook off of my neighbor ms. lisa when i was around 11 or 12 for 500. i had the game rock band; my friends always made me sing lead because i sucked at the instruments, the mic connected through usb and the computer came with GarageBand. one day i was just like i wanna rap and approached my mother with the idea and asked if there was any way she could help. she had me call my cousin audra she’s a rapper as well just a lot bigger than me. and she told me to start downloading instrumentals and making songs over them. and i remember that day i made a remix to either “make her say” by kid cudi or “gucci gucci” by kreayshawn i can’t remember. but all those songs never released i would just sync them onto my moms phone. lol

late night snack run, what do u get? 

atm I’m in love with gatorade (first: fruit punch / second: the blue one but not the glacier i think its like cool something lol)

with what do you associate your songs most of the time? memories, feelings, etc?

i really couldn’t tell you. i can tell you for a fact that i don’t lie in my music. i only write about what i live, which is why i try to live so grand. gotta keep things exciting. so i guess i associate my music with life. or perspective…


atl or NYC? 

atl has crazy energy rn, its like a renaissance going on here. so i like working with the kids here, spending time in general, everybody is always making something. but it can get messy really quickly. 

nyc is so fast. its that hustle hearted energy, i go there to gain. there’s so much going on its easy to lose focus, but there’s so much opportunity. i learn a lot about the business of things up there. i like the freedom to my identity that i have there too. like things are changing obviously but at first going to nyc was crazy because no one knew me. so i could be whatever i wanted and people automatically accepted it as my identity, where as in atlanta ppl have known me since i was in like elementary and the thing about ppl is that they feel entitled to u. and seem offended almost when u aren’t what they expected and hoped for you to b. and i hate feeling like I’m letting people down. idk i have less to think about socially in new york. whatever i want to b in that moment is fine. and that freedom or ability is what i lust after when i return. but my confidence is growing and I’m starting to say fuck the people i can b me wherever but its def a constant struggle against myself, really.



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