messy is made with love and art in mind

welcome to our community.


Our number one love in this whole ordeal is turning our art into something tangible. Our current issue is Jawbreaker, available in the print shop. 


As much as we want you to touch and tangibly hold Messy, we wanted to keep an online space to share art and thoughts without having to follow guidelines. We hope you tune into each channel on this website and scroll through, questioning and discovering more about yourself.

This is how the site works. 

Channel 1 is where you can find what is currently showing on other channels, as well as an archive of going-ons with the mag, site, parties, and what not. This channel is where you can get reoriented and catch up with what we've been doing. 

Channels 2-11 are spaces for artists to share their work. Sometimes we have a theme for a channel for multiple people (even you!) to contribute to, and sometimes we give a channel to an artist to do whatever they want with. 


To submit, head to our submit page.