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About our upcoming project Eternal Sleepover…

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❤︎ Eternal Sleepover Features….

Cybelle Corwin & Emma Czerwinski, Shamshawan Scott, Jess Farran, Paige Maccready, Brandon McClain, Jheyda McGarrell , Samuel D’Saboia, Kimari Hazward, Shelby Hamilton, Julissa Ramirez, Clairo, Raury, Gus Dapperton, Erika Bowes, Keith Charles Spacebar, Sports, Camille Jansen, Landon Yost, Eugene Walela, Zoe Gilligan, Michael Thorpe, Carlos Semedo, Fii, Jazz Ingram, Lean Ghost, Aquadolls, Nouria Bah, Zy Henny, BbyMattress, Bluemarze, Jmale, Inji Seo, Ehiorobo, No Vacation, Harper Slate, + Friends & Fam, + Anonymous submissions

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I knew we would’t be there forever, duh. but it’s hard to REALLY imagine a thing like leaving & being someplace else. though we’ve done it again and again, even now! now I AM someplace else and it’s not so odd at all. thinking of & tracing each day. making a path enough TO trace.

image breadcrumbs?

this car and that building and those flowers (dead now). I may not have known to remember..

... LOS ANGELES (by cybelle)…


some assorted videos…